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Educational Programs

ACCENT Language Center offers your company developed educational programs in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French, Italian and Spanish
  • And Dutch, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic and Japanese languages as well

All the educational programs are tailored to meet the specific criteria of the client-company’s activity and they are compiled with respect of all your desires and demands.

We offer a variety of educational programs:

Standard programs – these are long-term programs of foreign language education, calculated for regular lessons from 1 to 5 weekly within the academic year. The main educational programs are listed below:

  • General course
  • Business course
  • General + business courses
  • Spoken course
  • Foreign language for top-managers
  • Preparation for international exams

In order to train your employees you may select one of the standard programs as well as a special course calculated for a specific amount of hours or specialized terminology.

Specialized programs (special courses) – these are short-term educational programs, calculated for learning specified skills within 1-2 months by regular lessons 2 or 3 times a week. More info>>.

A variation of a specialized course can be considered as business trainings in English – these are short-term educational programs (1-3 days), aimed at fast and effective assimilation of skills in a specified area.

Language clubs – that’s a variation of a lesson when the students with different levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced) come together to discuss various topics in English. The main goal of such a lesson is to maintain the existing level of knowledge and to overcome the language barrier. More info>>.

As for the form of education, we offer a selection of several options:

  • Group lessons (4-10 persons)
  • Mini-group lessons (2-3 persons)
  • Individual lessons
  • Online education

We develop each program individually for each case, with respect to the client’s desires and goals of education as well as the special features of client’s activity.

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