Language Club

The Language club – is an ideal supplement to foreign language lessons!

The Language club consists of additional lessons in mixed groups which are held from 1 to 4 times monthly and allow communicating in a foreign language in an informal atmosphere.

Active language practice is the best way to raise motivation in learning a foreign language. Besides, by means of the Language club you can enrich your outlook and have your lessons in a more comfortable informal atmosphere.

The Language club doesn't replace the regular lessons, but it's an essential element of the educational process.

Working methods:

1. Topical lessons (e.g., a topic «The English and football»);
2. Viewing and discussion of films in English;
3. Geographical lectures (geography, politics, economical system, historical insight, business communication ethics, dialects distinctions, distinctions in educational systems etc.);
4. Quizzes and competitions;
5. Interviews with visitors from the English-speaking countries (Britain, the USA, Australia, New Zealand).

Teachers: high-level experts with business training skills, and also native speakers.

Students: intermediate level, advanced level.