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Speaking a foreign language is as important as having a higher education these days. Under the conditions of Russia’s integration into the global community, it’s nearly impossible to build a career and to have a good salary without this knowledge. ACCENT Language Center in Tushino offers education in the main world languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • RaFL (Russian as a foreign language)

You can find out more about these foreign languages here.

Why should you choose our school precisely? We’ve got a number of undeniable advantages ensuring your education to be exciting, effective and successful. You will actually learn to speak foreign language and will be able to use it easily in your everyday life or at your work.

The main elements of our success are the following:

  • Ability to motivate our students to achieve success during their education. On the way to goal achievement motivation plays a key role. And if you lack inner motivation, our teachers will be able to captivate you with their charisma and positive attitude.
  • Classic and innovative educational programs.
  • Professional teachers – who are the specialists in their sector with pedagogic higher education and a wide range experience, constantly improving their knowledge both at internal trainings and training abroad.
  • Communicative method of education.
  • Lessons in mini-groups (3-5 persons).
  • Really low prices.

You may select one of the educational programs most suitable for you:

More detailed information about foreign languages educational programs can be read here.

Our teachers are inspiring people who are enthusiastic about their profession; they can make your lessons exciting, interesting and resultative. You will be able to overcome the language barrier, as well as to delve into a process of education which is going to be:

  • Effective
  • Positive
  • Dynamic
  • Comfortable 

As for the educational methods, we tried to make the process of studying a foreign language more versatile and fascinating, using communicative approach and strong knowledge of our teacher. 

The amount of students in a group is also a very important factor within the process of education.  In large groups the students frequently feel the lack of teacher’s attention and they don’t fully participate in the process of education. We do our best to create a comfortable and at the same time effective atmosphere in our school at each lesson, that’s why we offer mini-groups first of all (3-5 persons), or super mini-groups (2 persons). Larger groups (6-8 persons) learn in our center too, the price of such education is significantly lower.

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We will help you get to like foreign languages and show you how many interesting and exciting things are associated with them!