About Us

“It’s necessary to like what you teach and
to like those who you teach
to be a good teacher”

V. Klyuchevskiy

In 2016 ACCENT Language Center celebrated its 15th anniversary. The reputation of the center is our key asset. Through many long years of establishment and development the company has created an image of a reliable and stable partner. We appreciate our clients and value our reputation, that’s the reason why so many people trust us.


Besides this, we are maintaining the other projects actively and constantly developing the new ones.


ACCENT Language Center was established in 2001. Corporate education of English became the first area of our activity. Nowadays the center affords English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian as a foreign language (RaFL) as well as education in other languages to its clients. You can find out more here.

Speaking a foreign language is one of the most complicated and essential skills of our time; we understand how many obstacles there are on the way to this knowledge and we have done everything possible to ease the way for you. The specialists of ACCENT Language Center have developed effective multi-level programs of foreign languages education and original teaching methods. During our lessons the students are fully submerged into a verbal environment and they quickly overcome the language barrier.

The following massive market players have already been cooperating with ACCENT Language Center for several years: Rostelekom, Megafon, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Kimberly Clark, Legrand, Sibur, Knauf, Korkunov, Ferrero Rosche and many more. Our clients appreciate not only the talented teachers and effective methods of ACCENT Language Center, but the high service level of our managers concerning all the areas of our Center’s activity as well.

Translations department has been operating in ACCENT Language Center since 2005. The company has a large personnel of translators with all kinds of languages and specialties. These are high-skilled specialists with longstanding experience and substantial practice.