Corporate Education


Corporate education of foreign languages is an effective instrument for any company, it serves several purposes simultaneously:

  • Educating employees for more successful operation within the company;
  • Increasing employee loyalty to the company;
  • Strengthening business ties and relationships between colleagues.

Therefore partnership with ACCENT Language Center means education, teambuilding and the development of your company at the same time!

Since 2001 ACCENT Language Center has been specializing in corporate education. Year by year we improve and hone to perfection our linguistic programs by introducing new technologies and progressive methods into the process of education. 

We offer the services of corporate education in the following foreign languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • RaFL (Russian as a foreign language)
  • And also Dutch, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic and Japanese

You can find out more here.

Our main educational programs are:

  • General programs
  • Business programs
  • Examinational programs
  • Online education
  • Individual education
  • Language club
  • Specialized abroad programs

All the educational programs are tailored to meet the specific criteria of the client-company’s activity and they are compiled in respective of all of your desires and demands.  

More information about the educational programs >>

Nowadays lots of large Russian and international companies are our clients. Among them are the following massive market players: Rostelekom, Megafon, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Kimberly Clark, Legrand, Sibur, Knauf, Korkunov, Ferrero Rosche and many more. All of them appreciate not only the talented teachers and effective methods of ACCENT Language Center, but the high service level of our managers concerning all the areas of our Center’s activity as well.

Our teachers are inspiring people who are enthusiastic in their profession; they can make your lessons exciting, interesting and resultative. You will be able to overcome the language barrier, as well as to delve into the process of education which is going to be:

  • Effective
  • Positive
  • Dynamic
  • Comfortable

More detailed information about our teachers can be read here.

As for the educational methods, we tried to make the process of studying a foreign language more versatile and fascinating, using communicative approach and the strong knowledge of our teachers.

Advantages and the basis of our success:

  • Highly professional and creative teachers
  • Competent educational methods
  • Full service support for all kinds of groups
  • Reasonable prices

Working together unites the colleagues in one way or another and allows them find common interests and come into contact with different departments. Corporate education is a great way to raise the motivation of personnel, increase the qualification of the employees and improve the relationships within the company.