ACCENT Language Center conducts a variety of tests:

  • Preliminary 
  • Intermediate
  • Final
  • Independent

Preliminary testing is conducted before the beginning of education. All the employees of the company who intend to study foreign languages undergo written and oral tests for the determination of their foreign language levels and for further distribution into groups.

Intermediate testing allows estimating the progress of the students after the first half of the course. At the stage summary data concerning the students, attendance and advancement is submitted to the management of the company.   

Final testing of the students is conducted at the completion of the whole course. Based on its results the students obtain graduation certificates for the relevant education course.  We submit a complete report concerning the education results to the management of the company.

Independent testing is conducted for the necessity of unprejudiced objective evaluation of the company employees’ knowledge, who haven’t studied in ACCENT Language Center before. The test consists of two parts: written grammatical test and oral interview with a teacher. A detailed report is submitted based on the results of the testing stages.

We have developed several methods of testing for the convenience of the students:

  • Classic testing  - with a visit from our teacher to your office to conduct oral and written tests;
  • Online testing;
  • Phone or Skype testing.