Depending on the company goals for its employees education in foreign languages, we can offer both the standard program of education, and a specialized course as well, which is composed taking into account the specific characteristics of your work.

Thus, if your company encounters an exigency to increase the foreign language skill level for the employees of a definite branch, it is reasonable not to choose the entire standard program as it is focused  on obtainment of the general knowledge, but to choose a specialized course. Therefore, lessons will be  carried up on the basis of definite vocabulary which is necessary for the students to work at the moment.

Specialized programs (workshops) are the short-term programs of education focused on mastering definite skills within 1-2 months, by means of regular lessons 2-3 times a week. Following workshops are already available in ACCENT Language Center:

  • English for secretaries
  • English for travel agents
  • English for financiers
  • English for marketing managers
  • English for HR
  • English for lawyers
  • English in the procurement sector
  • preparation for the international examinations and many other things.

It is necessary to remember that each area of business contains its own terminology. 

For secretaries and assistants it is important to know business etiquette, the standards of letters and other documents writing, and also to reach a good level of spoken language to perform small consecutive interpretations; for travel agents it is necessary to be well-oriented in the sector of hotel business and also to have knowledge of cultural peculiarities of various countries; in the sector of HR presentation skills and carrying out interviews in foreign language etc. are extremely important.

 Business training in English can be considered as one of the workshops types; these are super intensive programs of education (1-3 days), focused on fast and effective mastering of language skills on a definite topic.

 The main trainings conducted by ACCENT Language Center are the following:

  • Business Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales and Negotiations
  • Business Etiquette

Specialized programs are worked out individually, in accordance with the required tasks of the company and taking into account the initial level of students knowledge. It is convenient if only few departments of your company need to improve their level of a foreign language.