Educational Techniques

Successful foreign language education primarily depends on personal motivation, and secondarily – on the educational technique.

In education, motivation is the moving force which yields excellent results at a correct approach. People, who are really motivated for their education, display great persistence on their way to achieving the target objectives.

In the course of foreign languages education, the teachers of ACCENT Language Center excite the cognitive activity of their students, driving the need for communication in a foreign language.

We pay a lot of attention to working on the improvement and perfection of educational techniques, integrating the best and creating our own complex approach to education: with the application of the most effective exercises concerning various kinds of activity, and also arrangement of lessons based on the training principle.

The communicative technique lies at the heart of the complex approach to education; however any technique requires constant updating in accordance with current trends and students demands. Without revealing all our secrets, we shall note that a textbook is just the base scheme of a lesson; all our lessons also include the most diversified educational kinds of activity, such as games, disputes, presentations, quizzes, debates, films etc.

The most important thing for our teachers is not just to give faster knowledge, but to create an interest in a language and its associated culture as well.

Besides, we consider that education should obligatory be:

  • Versatile
  • Interesting
  • Expedient

Many teachers of ACCENT Language Center have additional psychological degrees that facilitate them to make good contact with students and to create an open friendly atmosphere in the lesson.

They are not only just professionals, but also cheerful and attractive people, who are able to make your education FASCINATING!

With us you will be assured that education can promote both personal and career development and give you plenty of positive emotions!