English On The Beach


As a rule, most people don't have enough time for visiting standard language courses or trainings. And a holiday often occurs only once a year. So why not to combine an intensive language course with a rest on resorts in the Red or the Mediterranean seas?

We present our new project: «ENGLISH ON THE BEACH», or intensive travelling courses in English language studying «with immersing» on resorts of Egypt and Italy.

You can choose the educational program the most suitable for you:

  • spoken language course is focused on those people who need English language for daily communication;
  • business course is intended for those who need English for their work;
  • specialized course (for companies) represents English corporate courses which will bring your company to a new level.

 «ENGLISH ON THE BEACH» project is:

  • an intensive course of English «with immersing»;
  • the material of a trimestrial course within one week;
  • daily lessons of 5-6 hours;
  • events and excursions in English;
  • professional teachers from Russia, the USA and Great Britain;
  • comfortable and benevolent atmosphere;
  • affordable prices;
  • and a wonderful rest.

«ENGLISH ON THE BEACH» program in Egypt is conducted in the picturesque city of El-Gouna, which differs from any other resorts of Egypt. El Gouna was designed by the founders of the Disneyland and it is called "Venice on the Red sea" or «the City of channels and millionaires».

The travel plan:

  • Day 1: Arrival. Check-in. Introductory lesson. Acquaintance with the group. El-Gouna sightseeing tour.
  • Day 2, 4, 6: Employment from 15 till 22.
  • Day 3, 5, 7: Employment from 11 till 18.
  • Day 7 (evening): Last night party.
  • Day 8: Departure.

The size of groups:

Spoken English: 10-12 persons;

Business English: 8-10 persons.

The program cost (double-room accommodation) *:

  • 3-star hotel - from 32000 RUR.
  • 4-star hotel - from 40000 RUR.
  • 5-star hotel - from 48000 RUR.

* - cost is variable depending on the check-in date.

The program cost includes:

  • Flight
  • Transfer
  • Insurance
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Education (lessons are held in the subdivision of the Alexandrian Library)
  • Spoken course — 8 academic hours daily, 48 hours per week,
  • Business course — 10 academic hours daily, 60 hours per week,
  • Specialized course — on demand
  • El-Gouna sightseeing tour
  • Last night party 

Additional events:

Sports programs

  • Beach volleyball
  • Surfing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing
  • Golf
  • Snorkeling, Diving


  • Excursion to Hurghada, the Museum of Ancient history of Egypt and the Aquarium
  • Boat or yacht voyage, or the submarine travel
  • The jeep-safari
  • Excursion to the Coral islands

The nearest dates of check-ins:

Call in and our managers will provide you with all the necessary information.

Our intensive course will help you:

  • overcome the language barrier;
  • bring your English to a new level;
  • learn something new;
  • feel that studying English is interesting and easy;
  • make new friends;
  • have a wonderful rest!

«ENGLISH ON THE BEACH» program in Italy is conducted on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and the  internal lakes. You will be able to combine a wonderful rest with serious education here.

Education on the beaches of Italy (at the stage of filling)