Premium Tours


Under the aegis of ACCENT Language Center we established a separate company which is professionally engaged in the preparation and carrying out of events for corporate and private clients in Western Europe – it's named ACCENT Business Travel (ABT). You can find out more here.

For the encouragement of your best employees and partners ACCENT Business Travel company (ABT) will organize exclusive events in Europe. It can be:

  • Flights on a private airplane or helicopter;
  • Voyages on a yacht across the Mediterranean Sea or the lakes of Italy;
  • Gastronomic tours: truffle, vigneron, brewer, chocolate, cheese and others;
  • Races on F1 and DTM tracks;
  • Castles and villas, caves and waterfalls, national parks and flower gardens;
  • Sport events;
  • Diving, photo hunting, regatta and many others.  

We carry out such events in the following European countries:

  • Italy;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Austria;
  • Switzerland;
  • Finland.

ACCENT Business Travel company offers a full package deal of the trips management:

  • development of an individual program;
  • ticket purchasing, hotels booking, transfers;
  • assistance in obtaining visas;
  • preparation of all the components of an events' business section;
  • conference hall rental, arrangement of lunches, coffee-breaks, banquets, provision of the necessary equipment, consecutive and simultaneous interpreters etc.;
  • a broad selection of entertainment which can be both a part of a business event, or an independent event (such as excursions, sports, gastronomic tours and others);
  • an individual manager-linguist «on-site».

We also render services for all types of events management which are combined under the abbreviation MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions):

  • travelling seminars;
  • bonus trips (incentive);
  • conferences;
  • exhibitions;
  • presentations;
  • and any other types of group corporate events. 

АВТ specialists will assist their private clients in the management of:

  • individual travel;
  • birthdays, weddings and anniversaries;
  • selecting real estate for rent or purchase.

Our qualified and responsible managers are ready to carry out consultations concerning any arising questions and have a broad experience in events organization which allow the goals set by our clients to achieve their full potential, and also show  the event participants the high performance level of your organization.

With the assistance of our specialists you will fruitfully and interestingly carry out a business meeting or a holiday with your partners, clients and employees.