Obligatory certification, fact of fiction?


Not so long ago the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation held a seminar that everyone had been looking for: “Problems of translation practice development in a contemporary world”. This was a private seminar therefore only translation services directors from the regional departments of Russia’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry could take part in it. These seminars are a well-established practice, to which experienced translators with several years’ translating practice are invited. This time the agenda included the CCI’s practical plans to organize an evaluation and certification for translators in Russia similarly to that in other countries. During the last 8 years the Union of Translators of Russia has been taking various attempts to introduce an obligatory certification for translators. A pilot project of such certification was proposed at the latest conference in Saint Petersburg. First, as an experiment, this project will be executed in Saint Petersburg in order to estimate whether this system is suitable for Russia.

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