Interpretation is a must during events of  various types and levels when dealing with the participation of foreign visitors. Though the majority of big events, training and negotiations are often held in English, it is impossible to be sure that all the invited persons speak it well enough to comprehend everything. Availability of an interpreter removes the necessity of «being all ears» into the speech, excludes possible problems of misperception and makes the meeting more comfortable for all present.

Interpretation can be subdivided into 2 categories depending on its complexity:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous

When performing consecutive interpretation an orator makes a logical pause to give an interpreter the opportunity to translate his speech. If you hold common negotiations, training or an excursion on some subject, it’s most likely that the services of a consecutive interpreter will be quite applicable for you. Work of such a specialist isn’t strictly time-regulated, unlike the work of a simultaneous interpreter who, as a rule, doesn’t perform interpretation for more than 40 minutes alone. Because of that, consecutive interpreter services are significantly cheaper, than the services of a simultaneous interpreter.

Consecutive interpretation is most often required during the following events:

  • Business negotiations
  • Summit talks
  • Phone conversations
  • Small presentations
  • Representation of a client during transactions
  • Representation of a client at an exhibition (Exhibition interpreter service)
  • Public events: lectures, seminars, conferences

We render services of consecutive interpretation into the following foreign languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Other languages

Simultaneous interpretation is applied in holding large-scale events at high levels, including international, and also in carrying out presentations and conferences in several languages. It allows preserving of the time framework of an event; creates comfortable working atmosphere; increases the efficiency and status level of an event. You can find out more here>>

Special equipment (portable) or specially equipped premises are required to perform simultaneous interpretation. You can find out more here>>

Depending on the customer’s terms and demands the managers of ACCENT Language Center will offer the most suitable interpretation specialist, taking into account the type of an event and the competency of an interpreter. There are the most differIng experts employed in our personnel, including interpreters of the highest level with long-term experience, working with the first persons of the state.