Medical translation

Medical translation nowadays is one of the most demanded and difficult types of translation practice. Whereas the reasons for such demand are comprehensible, the difficulty in translating medical documents is determined by a large amount of specific terms, acronyms and abbreviations known solely to specialists with medical education – translation skills only are not enough.

That is why in all medicine related projects ACCENT Language Center engages translators with additional medical education and significant work experience.

Types of medical translation in our company:

1. Written translation for private persons:

  • Translation of medical examinations and epicrises
  • Translation of check-ups, medical histories and examinations results

2. Medical business related translation:

  • Translation of websites of Russian clinics into foreign languages
  • Translation of technical documentation in the dentistry, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, etc.
  • Translation of correspondence on medicine

3. Medical translation of popular science texts:

  • Translation of scientific articles and works
  • Translation of research and discovery protocols in medicine

4. Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation:

  • Interpreter accompanying patients to foreign clinics
  • Interpretation during negotiations with foreign doctors
  • Simultaneous interpretation at medical conferences and seminars


  • Layout of documents, preparation of documents for typographic printing
  • Translation revision by a native speaker
  • Translation and sound recording for videos
  • Notarial certification of the medical translation
  • Linguistic advice
  • Compilation of specialized glossaries

Target languages