Currently translation is one of the most in demand services, both for individual persons and for legal organizations. A simple trip abroad, a work permit for foreign citizens or a corporate presentation from foreign partners can’t do without the services of a translator.

This necessity is especially vital for large manufacturing companies, in which document flow considerably exceeds the standard volume of a regular translator’s work capacity. Besides, even upon having an availability of experts with English (as the most popular language), some difficulties can still occur in receiving invoices, letters or declarations from non-English-speaking countries.

We cooperate with the companies, representing all the sectors of business – from small companies to the market giants and we try to provide the maximum possible level of service for each of our clients, which include: Kimberly Clark, Korkunov, ROSIZOL, Integra, "Sheremetyevo" Airport, RZhD (The Russian Railways), and many other companies.

In case of any format, difficulty or time limits for translation performance, ACCENT Language Center managers will provide full-scale support for the order, from the moment of its acquisition until the direct transfer of a ready document to the client. We pay much attention not only to the deadlines of order execution and translations edition, but also bear in mind that the document format should be clear, correct and legible.  

Translation subjects:

  • Banking, tax, financial and other documentation;
  • Jurisprudence - contractual, promotional and other documentation;
  • Advertising;
  • Modern technologies and programming;
  • Industry;
  • Medicine, biology;
  • Stomatology, prosthetics;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Auto business;
  • Aircraft;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Building and architecture;
  • Scientific translation;
  • Literary translation.

Additional services:

  • Documents formatting – translation form is brought into compliance with the original document;
  • Tight translation time limits (up to 500 pages per day);
  • Legalization: notarial certification of authenticity of a translator’s signature;
  • Apostille, certification via company seal;
  • Website translation and localization: translation of website’s contents, software, registration in national search systems, adaptation of its information and layout in accordance with the cultural assumption of a country;
  • Consecutive interpretation;
  • Simultaneous interpretation;
  • Equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

Target languages